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AI-Powered Transformation Hub

Hypera is dedicated to revolutionizing real-world interactions and industries through pioneering multi-modal AI, blending cutting-edge computer vision and generative AI to create transformative solutions across beauty, gaming and wellness sectors.

Harnessing the power of this diverse technological approach to innovate and transform industries, bridging the gap between advanced technology and practical solutions.

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About us

Hypera is a beacon of innovation in the realm of artificial intelligence, dedicated to redefining the boundaries of how technology interfaces with our daily lives. Born from a vision to harness the untapped potential of multi-modal AI, Hypera stands at the convergence of pioneering computer vision, generative AI, diffusion models, and advanced text-to-speech technologies.

Our mission is to create transformative solutions that transcend traditional industry limits, touching lives across sectors such as beauty, gaming, health, and fitness. With a foundation built on rigorous research and development, coupled with a dynamic product development strategy, Hypera is not just about creating technology; it's about crafting experiences that resonate on a human level, making the future accessible today.

Revolutionizing the educational landscape by merging the excitement of gaming with learning, transforming screen time into engaging educational adventures. Our platform captivates children with motion-based, interactive gaming that blend fun and learning, sparking their curiosity.

Hyperactive Games


Young Face provides a natural way to achieve a youthful look through facial yoga. It uses AI for face scanning and skin analysis to customize a 28-day program tailored to reduce wrinkles and imperfections. The app ensues visible anti-aging results and integrating seamlessly into daily routines for a rejuvenated appearance.

Young Face


EVA is Trueyogi's AI-powered emotional and visual assistant that analyzes users' physical, mental, and emotional states to offer personalized yoga flows. EVA provides customized yoga experience tailored to the unique needs of each user, setting a new standard in personalized wellness practice.



Our Products


At the core of Hypera's innovative drive is our cutting-edge multi-modal AI technology, a testament to our commitment to leading the charge in AI-driven transformation. Our technological framework integrates a symphony of AI disciplines, including computer vision to understand and interpret the visual world, generative AI to create content that inspires, diffusion models that push the boundaries of creativity, and text-to-speech technologies that bring the digital world to life with human-like voices.

This holistic approach enables Hypera to not only adapt to the evolving demands of various industries but also to anticipate future challenges and opportunities. By leveraging these technologies, we aim to unlock new dimensions of efficiency, creativity, and human-machine synergy, setting new standards for what is possible and inspiring a wave of innovation across the global landscape.

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